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Press Release 3/20/20

Press Release 3/20/20


3/20/20 Release
The Lee County Sheriff’s Department has a full-time medical staff that is comprised of a Medical Director and three medical staff members. The medical personnel monitor the medical condition and wellness of each inmate that is brought into our facility. We have always had a screening policy in place to help prevent the spread of any contagious illness. The recent situation that we are now facing with COVID-19 requires us to take a few additional measures, including the type screening of arrested persons prior to allowing them in the facility. 

Serving as your Sheriff requires me to protect the citizens inside and outside the detention facilities (Adult Jail, JDC and Work Center). I staff over 130 staff and oversee over 200 inmates on a daily basis. The safety and wellness of our staff and detainees are always kept in mind when making decisions. I assure you that we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure that the staff and detainees are in a safe and clean environment. The medical staff is on hand to monitor any questionable situation. 

Limiting access to our facility was put into place to prevent the virus from entering into our facility. Our employees have available protection to help prevent their exposure to the virus. 

Please know that the times are uncertain, but your loved one, be it someone detained or employed, is being monitored carefully. 

I felt it necessary to address this issue in this manner so that the public can hear from me directly and not have to rely on another media outlet to speak on my behalf. 
Sheriff Jim H Johnson

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