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Conspiracy Arrests

Posted on: February 3rd, 2016

On January 31, 2016 a concerned citizen contacted Sheriff Jim Johnson about a possible threat towards a local elected official. Based upon the information obtained, an investigation was immediately opened into the possible allegations.

After Interviews and surveillance video were reviewed and all suspects identified it was determined that the information was credible. Surveillance was then set up and alter a few hours two individuals were arrested at a local motel and the third at a residence in Tupelo. All were taken into custody without incident.

District Attorney John Weddle was then called about the incident and was given all the information involving the case. Upon the District Attorneys recommendation the following charges were brought upon all three suspects.

Conspiracy to commit Burglary, Conspiracy to commit Robbery, & Conspiracy to commit Kidnapping

1. Matthew G. Bowler (Prior Convicted felon and currently on parole for Drug Offenses),27 yoa, Guntown.

2. William Chance Randolph, 22 yoa, Tupelo

3. Thomas Andrew Waddell, 24 yoa Tupelo

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