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Arrest -Dangerous/Aggressive Dog

Posted on: November 14th, 2018 by: Lt. Sheri Hall  Categories:

On November 12, 2018, Lee County Deputies responded to a farm where a complainant reported that several cows had been attacked by 2 pit bull and pit bull mixed dogs. The injuries that the cattle suffered were mainly to the head area. The cows were chased so far that they collapsed. The dogs also chased a small calf to its death. Many of the cows were carrying calves and we will not know until spring if the attack affected the offspring.

Prior to this today’s incident, the owner of these dogs had already been charged for Failing to Produce Vaccine Papers and for violation of county ordinance for Possession of a Dangerous or Aggressive Animal.

Thousands of dollars were lost due to this incident.

Arrested and charged today:
Katelyn Wood, Mooreville MS, 19 years of age
2 counts of Failing to have Rabies Tag
2 counts of Failing To Produce Paperwork for Proper Vaccine
2 counts of failing county ordnance for Possession of Dangerous or Aggressive Animal.