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Scam Alert

Posted on: May 12th, 2014



UPDATE on scam warning posted below on May 12, 2014 – ARRESTS MADE – After the media release, the Lee County Sheriff’s Department was contacted on May 17th by authorities at Autry State Prison in Pelham County, GA. The prison had obtained a cell phone from an inmate that contained several Lee County numbers in it. Upon the investigation by the prison, it was determined that Autry State Prison Correctional Officer and an inmate were the participants in this scam. Once the cell phone was obtained and contact was made with our office, we were able to inform them of the scam in this county. It is our understanding that Bergen County Sheriff’s Office in New Jersey also has charges on these individuals for the same type of offense. Our office is working with each one of these agencies to insure that the inmate and correctional officer are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This scam included at least three states and is a nationwide investigation. Thank you to the media for getting this information out to the public to prevent any more victims of this scam. Arrested are:
Clarinda Carter – Correction Officer at Autry State Prison, GA
Covian Camp – Inmate at Autry State Prision, GA


May 12, 2014

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department wants to release information in regards to a scam that is being run in Lee County. There are people making calls to elderly people in Lee County and posing as an employee of the Lee County Sheriff’s Department. Once contact is made, the caller tells the victim that they have failed to report for jury duty. the caller then informs the elderly person there is warrant for their arrest and they have one hour to make payment or they will be arrested.

We have several people that have been contacted by this scam organization. There have been at least two that we know of, that have made payment to this scam. The scam organization will instruct the victim to go purchase a Green Dot Money Card in the amount of $700. Once the card is purchased, they are to contact the scam back with the card number. The scammer takes the card number and cashes the card and you are now the victim of a scam.

Please plass this information on. The Lee County Sheriff’s Department does NOT conduct business by making arrangments to make payment for fines or fees over the phone.

Please contact your local law enforcement if you are contacted by this scam. Our dispatch number is 662-680-5766.

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